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Essential Health

Integrative Wellness Program

Integrative Wellness Program

Become a major player in your own health. Learn to hack and repattern systemic tendencies for more optimal living. With each customized program we address your entire constitution, from what you put into your body to what you get out of it.


Sessions are offered remotely with an option to include in-person acupuncture appointments at a special package rate. My goal is for you to learn how to master the 3 Pillars of Health on your own: stress reduction, nutrition, and connection to self. You will be supported the whole way with calls & texts in between sessions to support integration of the tools you will receive.


The Essential Health journey is a wellness reset that begins with a video consult. This intake will set the course for 1-3 months to transform the way that your body works, and the way you embody it. 

Integrative Wellness Program


Let's get the good stuff in, and the bad stuff out. We'll make a few changes to your fridge and pantry that offer you more choice, autonomy, and flavor. I will coach you during the week in-between sessions with recipes and assurances.


For 40 minutes each week, I will guide you in the following self-healing techniques:

  • self-acupressure & self-massage techniques

  • stretching & myofascial release


Controlling stress is a potent tool for Essential Health. I will guide you with visualizations, breathwork, and meditations during Self-Healing Sessions so you can access deep relaxation.


I will support you throughout each week with messages and reminders to practice what we've learned and to check in on your embodiment of the principles and practices.

Cooking Eggs

Each month of coaching is $455.

Add-on 2 in-person acupuncture sessions at a discounted rate of $230.


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