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Bodywork & Massage

Clinical Bodywork is the confluence of experience and intuition. Honed over 25 years, each session is a design of structural, functional, and energetic modalities uniquely crafted for optimal benefit. I draw upon lineages that I have had the privilege to certify in and teach, including Deep Tissue, Thai, Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal), and Myofascial. Sessions can also include acupuncture (if appropriate) as well as percussive massage & cupping/gua sha to increase circulation.

Massage Therapists are also on staff for your overall body/mind/spirit relaxation and to unwind the broad effects of stress on the nervous system. 

Human bodies need maintenance. Just like cars and homes, bodies need to be refreshed & restored. Bodywork functions as one component of Essential Health: healing injuries, improving mobility, and ensuring the best use of this one body for the rest of your life.




1 hour: $160

90 minutes: $230

2 hours: $300

Image by Jordan Wozniak


1 hour: $140​

90 minutes: $200

2 hours: $270


Prior to seeing Carolyn for acupuncture, I had been in severe left shoulder pain due to a shoulder fracture. After only 3 acupuncture treatments I was able to eliminate a prescribed strong narcotic for pain relief. I continue to see Carolyn for weekly acupuncture treatments and occasional bodywork. There are no words that I can think of to describe the amazing healing and relief I have felt each time I have had a treatment by Carolyn. She is one of those healing practitioners that are the "Real Deal."



  • What is your Covid Protocol?
    Air purifiers with MERV-13 (medical grade HEPA) filters are on 24/7. Tables are sprayed in between sessions with a disinfecting solution that is proven to kill coronavirus cells. A Covid Screening email is required prior to each appointment. Masks are part of health hygiene, as such they are recommended yet optional. We will use masks whenever patient or practitioner requests or deems necessary.
  • Does acupuncture hurt?
    It's natural; the thought of needles makes many people nervous. I can assure you, I use the thinnest needles available, which are also sterile and disposable. After 20 years of practice, I am able to make the process nearly painless. Orthopedic techniques might elicit soreness in the process of healing; hydration, movement, and topical liniments will help.
  • Can I use my insurance?
    As an "Out Of Network" provider, I can provide a superbill to submit for your reimbursement. I do not bill insurance directly. HSA/FSA cards are accepted for payment and a detailed receipt will be issued.
  • How often should I get treated to see results?
    Like all health care practices, consistency and regularity are keys to successful outcomes. Some conditions are more persistent than others. Since everyone responds differently; multiple sessions help refine your treatments for your unique presentation. Evidence indicates that acupuncture works best when received 1-2x/week. Your symptoms developed over time; healing takes time as well.
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