Orthopedic & Constitutional

Whether you are healing from an injury, experiencing mysterious pains from seemingly normal activities, or feeling worn down, stressed, and unbalanced, acupuncture is a safe modality to restore your balance and kickstart your body's self-healing capacity.


Each session is holisitc and includes a combination of acupuncture, nutritional/herbal supplementation, at-home exercises, and bodywork - crafted to address your specific immediate needs while preparing the body for long-term healing.

From headaches to the common cold, digestion issues to mental health, or that nagging computer-induced neck strain, we will set a course of healing that will provide you with more strength, ease, and calm. 

My practice is fully operational and accepting new patients.

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Unwind the effects of the past year; I can help you rejuvenate & heal.


It is my life's work to support people in their healing process. After over 20 years of practice, I have found that consistent and dedicated attention brings optimal success. That is why I offer integrated packages to support your whole health through cumulative treatment.

The journey begins with a free 20-minute phone consult to assess your immediate needs and long term goals.

Special discounts for frontline healthcare workers & active firefighters.

I now take insurance from these providers: Anthem Blue Cross,  United Healthcare, Kaiser (w/ supplement) & Blue Cross/Shield FEP


Prior to seeing Carolyn for acupuncture, I had been in severe left shoulder pain due to a shoulder fracture. After only 3 acupuncture treatments I was able to eliminate a prescribed strong narcotic for pain relief. I continue to see Carolyn for weekly acupuncture treatments and occasional bodywork. There are no words that I can think of to describe the amazing healing and relief I have felt each time I have had a treatment by Carolyn. She is one of those healing practitioners that are the "Real Deal."


What are your safety protocols?

As an acupuncturist, I firmly maintain industry best practices for sterility and safety. In the age of COVID, these practices extend to include the following:

  • masks are worn at all times by practitioner and patient
  • all touch points and therapeutic surfaces are sanitized between patients
  • patients are requested to wash their hands before the start of their session
  • increased ventilation and HEPA air filters are standard
Further, I have increased the buffer time between patients to further ventilate the office.

Does it hurt?

The experience of receiving acupuncture needles is that they are virtually painless. The body, upon receiving the needles, initiates its own pain relieving response, with patients feeling at most a twitch or a dull ache. This subsides as the parasympathetic nervous system awakens for a net effect that is a relaxed nervous system.

How does billing insurance work?

I work out of network with the following insurances: Anthem Blue Cross, United Healthcare, Kaiser (w/ supplement), & Blue Cross/Shield FEP). Click this link to verify your insurance benefits. I will receive your verification and we’ll discuss your coverage at your appointment.

What are the benefits of doing a large package versus coming just once?

Our bodies are in a state of constant change: breaking down wastes and rebuilding healthy tissues. Even an ailment that appeared 'overnight' has likely been in the making for some time, given that we are wired to compensate and manage our imbalances until the body sends an undeniable signal (pain! discomfort!). For lasting results, the process needed to unwind holding patterns and uncover the myriad contributions to the current state of dis-ease is best addressed over successive sessions.